Last Thursday, the Nigerian Senate directed JAMB (Joint Admission and Matriculation Board) to extend the validity of its JAMB result to a period of three academic years. Many candidates welcomed the news with joy, considering the stress of writing the exams time after time, thereby leading to concurrent payment to register for the examination. Regardless of this economic advantage, an appreciable amount of candidates did not look on the negative impact this will have. You will find below some implications of the bill if it is successfully implemented.

More admission seekers

The fact that this policy will reduce the number of applicants for the JAMB examination, it will on the hand increase the number of candidates that will seek admission through UTME every year. This is not a good one, owing to the fact that majority of the higher institutions in the country do not have the necessary capacity to accommodate the admission seekers every year.


The preparation towards an examination or the other that follows ensure that young school leavers hold on to the studying habit. Nonetheless, this new direction by the Nigerian senate will propagate laziness into students. In the event of a student who writes JAMB in 2017, had a score of 265 but could not secure admission into any of the higher institutions. Such a student being fully aware of the fact that his result is valid for admission into ahigher institution for the year 2018 and 2019 will get lackadaisical about studying. This will surely have an effect on his early years in whatever tertiary institution he is admitted into.

More difficult JAMB

Just in case, it is much logical for one to anticipate on tougher examinations and sterner marking schemes from JAMB. The examinations will end up becoming very tough that candidates will no other choice but to re-register the year that follows.

Unattractive Courses

In addition, if the validity of a JAMB result gets extended, most candidate with good scores unable to secure admissions into a tertiary institution will negate every advice to pursue a diploma program, pre-degree, IJMB etc. since all that is demanded of them is waiting till next year to re-apply for admission with their previous score.