Today, we have three basic categories of denture adhesives which are the conventional paste like adhesives, the powdery adhesives, and the wafer type adhesives. One cannot easily choose the best denture adhesive out of the three of them because each of them has their pros and cons. You have to select one among them and this depends on your needs at that moment.

Many dentists nowadays prefer the paste type denture adhesives. They can be categorized according to their potency and strength. Some manufacturers now add flavors into these adhesives so that it will taste good in the mouth of the wearer. Sometimes, these manufacturers produce newer and better versions of this particular product.

If you try to force out the denture, you will be left with residual paste in your mouth and this is detrimental to your health. This residual paste will mix with the food particles resulting in the development of ulcers and diseases in the jaw line. Lots of pharmaceutical firms are researching everyday so as to invent the best denture adhesive paste that doesn’t leave behind any deposit in the mouth. We will now discuss the powdery adhesive. This powdery adhesive works by absorbing all available moisture which is inside the mouth resulting in an increase in the adhesive capabilities manifold. Endeavor to take this powder in the right quantity – else you might not be able to wash them out of your mouth.

You will spend a lot of money if you decide on choosing the wafer type denture adhesives option. Don’t try this option except your pockets are loaded with lots of cash or stored somewhere. The concept is simple. It works based on the length of the denture and you have to cut the wafer to a particular size and fix them to fit the dentures. It is easy to fix and doesn’t have any adverse effect.