This article will provide you with the best undercounter ice maker review – Top Machines for 2017 so that you will know some important details about this product before purchasing them. If you are shopping for one, then you have to look out for three basic things which are: size or volume, cost, and its consistency. Another thing to look out for is the noise that this machine generates whether it is too low or high. Nonetheless, most of the best machines don’t generate too much of noise and are uncomplicated. They are also portable and can be moved from one place to another. You can also fix it under your counter if it will fit in perfectly though it can work all by itself without external control.


The Scotsman Gourmet Ice Machine can be categorized as a perfect machine. It has a well-built structure and can produce an impressive sixty-five pounds of ice in just 24 hours and has some exciting features like auto defrost and overspill protection.

It produces spotless and crystal clear ice, eatery grade cubes, and you have the option of purchasing the one that comes with about three to four years warranty if you want more protection. The other undercounter machines also work well but you will later discover that they are not perfect and each of them has their own weaknesses. They don’t have a high rating due to that. What distinguishes Scotsman from others is that it has little or no defects.


Edgestar manufactures excellent and quality equipment and this also applies to the undercounter ice machine that they produce. This machine comes with some exciting features like the production of a massive fifty pound of ice per day and can be controlled automatically. It produces spotless and clear-cubed ice with a special ice scoop. There are two things that we consider as a limiting factor if you wish to buy this product. First, it doesn’t come with a warranty and there is no option of buying one with an extended warranty. Second, while it can produce a massive fifty pounds of ice in just 24 hours, it only has the capacity of storing 25 pounds of ice.