It is not news that laptops get stolen and not only tablets and smartphones. There are actually people that believe it is unlikely to lose a laptop computer, owing to the size but do not forget that a costly gadget with such size easily catches the attention for theft. A laptop can be stolen within seconds, which is enough for someone to repossess your property and disappear. If you at no point recall installing an anti-theft software on your laptop, right before it was stolen or misplaced, there is really an issue to be dealt with. Having a missing laptop does not mean you lose all the hopes you have left, there is comment localiserun portable that we can get you familiar with. There is no doubt that you can trace your stolen laptop even if you have no anti-theft software installed on it.

Track your stolen or lost MacBook with iCloud (for Mac only)

You can track you MacBook using the iCloud you set up earlier when you started using your MacBook or most probably anytime, you did set it up. To begin, navigate to the iCloud website and sign in using your apple ID.

On clicking the icon that says “Find My iPhone”, you should notice a map and a drop-down menu of the top of the page. The menu will be used for you to choose the missing MacBook. If luckily, you Mac has an active internet connection and it is turned on, it should automatically show up on the screen. If perchance it is not connected to the internet, you can instruct iCloud to update you wit notifications when it is tracked down.

Use Facebook to get the IP address (win & Mac)

It is important you are aware of the fact that many of the application that you have running in the background or the website that you are signed in to automatically store your IP address. If in any event, someone somewhere accesses your email or Facebook profile, you are in the best position of getting the individuals IP address. On getting the IP address of the person using your laptop, you should head to a police station.