Using automated aiming software is one of the most powerful PUBG cheats that can be used in Playerunknown Battlegrounds most recently. This actually permits the players to bind a mouse button or a key to the auto aim and lock down a function that will have any enemy in line of sight automatically targeted.

The gear is of different levels, so when a player gets a helmet or a backpack, it is best that they examine it properly. For instance, Level 1 and Level 2 helmets do not actually save them from getting a shot in the face, but Level 3 helmets, on the other hand, can be of maximum resistance to some damage. The players can also use vehicles to speed up their pace in the game or perhaps they can walk. It is advised that you use the cars wisely; they can be noisy, thus indicating your current position and attracting enemies to your location. On the hand, vehicles can come in very handy in eliminating your enemies.

One of the vital decision that the players have to make when they drop is to decide their landing location. High building density location has different resource satiated into them but this will also attract so many players, so it is more of the survival of the most strategic or strongest. Sparse locations, on the other hand, do not actually make provision for resources but they tend to increase the player’s survival ratio.

The first few minutes of gameplay is very vital, as the maximum elimination of players begins. The play zone shrinks with time and it is shown by a blue force field. The players are advised to stay inside the safe zone in order to ensure their safety, if they go outside there is the high chance they will end up dead. There are actually no lifelines in this game if you die it is game over. While playing when the circle shrinks, it signifies that the competition increased, thus bringing the players closer to each other, thus permitting more killings. The last man standing wins the game.

Using the PUBG cheats, the Playerunknown’s battleground has its level of excitement and stress. Players are given to option to select between a slow game and a high-risk game.