Similar to the daily activity of having the family garbage tossed out, having to empty your canister vacuum can be done in a couple of months without having to compromise the quality vacuum service you get from the unit. It is so easy in such a way that any child can actually do it that is if you can get them to do their chores.

Bag or Bin – Both needs to be emptied

If you have your dirt receptacle and power unit in your basement or in the garage, it is quite possible to have the canister emptied. The cyclonic system utilizes gravity in order to have the dirt and dust collect in the house to be dropped through the tubes and hose, however, you will have to take the receptacle off the main power unit and have it emptied regularly. Most individuals prefer to have the receptacle lined with a bag to make the change-out easy and fast.

Some individuals do not appreciate the waste that the bag creates and they just have the contents emptied directly into their trash. You can most probably have it put into your compost pile if your rugs are not synthetic but are primarily wool. In either event, this should be scheduled conferring to the instructions given by the manufacturers, most ideally every two to three months. It practically depends on your habits and your home.

Consequences of not having your bins emptied

Most definitely, we are humans and it is quite easy to forget chores that are scheduled for every two to three months. If per chance you think you can do it quarterly and you think it will be easier to remember, it is advised you put it on a calendar and have it scheduled. Whatever schedule it is that you choose, it is important that it is easy to be remembered. Empty your canister vacuum regularly if you intend on having a quality in your home. The rule of thumb is that the bin should never, in any event, be more than ¾ full, just to ensure efficient performance of the vacuum cleaner.