For individuals that need or want natural constituents to employ as a deodorant, this is an awesome list. These women’s all natural deodorant products are natural, and normally more secure for your skin. No strong chemicals are required to keep you smelling clean and fresh. The use of natural ingredients is also much more secure for the environment.

Hops are not really regarded as a deodorant, however, they function in a wonderful way. They are normal bacteria fighters, which explains why they are employed in beer. The hops stop the bacteria from growing, which limits any odors that might normally happen when one sweats.

The use of sage is mostly used in normal deodorant products. The sage combats any odors that might begin to form, much like what Lysol does in a room. Sage could be bought in an essential oil, and mixed with other ingredients like coconut oil or baking soda.

People often make use of baking soda as a cleaning agent and to deodorize rooms, however, it’s an effective and efficient body deodorizer too. Products often employ baking soda to fight odors. It does cover them or simply mask them. Try mixing baking soda with your favorite natural scent for a pleasant deodorant.

One does not really have to spend time on online research to get evidence of health risk on using chemical products like deodorant to know that they can actually kill you. The best living is to go for something that is organic and natural especially for deodorant. So, we should mind the list of ingredients on our personal care products and if you are seeking natural deodorant then you should avoid parabens, triclosan, aluminum and lead and in order to be sure of that, we should switch to natural deodorant. If your skin is sensitive to allergens then seek the natural deodorant that contains witch hazel. It has soothing properties for skin which also work as astringent and it works closing the pores on the armpit. This is derived from leaves and bark. This will let the sweat to dry fast and for those who shave you can use natural deodorant with witch hazel after shaving to ease the pain and razor burn.

Another ingredient that you should look for in the natural deodorant is the essential oil. We get essential oils from plants and it has proven to have an antibacterial property that can stop odor. As we know that bacteria are the main reason why we stink when we sweat but the essential oil is good in killing these bacteria. You may choose between rosemary, tea tree oil, or lichen.

Next, you can eye for a natural deodorant that contains mineral salt or some has labeled it as potassium alum. It forms a momentary layer on your skin to discourage the growth of bacteria. In other words, you may still sweat but the bacteria won’t be able to eat and digest because the mineral salt will freeze them.

Having said that, you are now convinced that the organic ingredient on natural deodorant really works so below we have outline simple process on how you can switch from your daily deodorant to the natural deodorant.

  1. It is better to use natural deodorant for few days before you should switch completely. Switching to natural and organic personal care products should not be done drastically as you should first allow chemicals from consumed deodorant to be out from your skin. Sometimes, if these aluminum and other chemicals are not yet released it will mix on the natural ingredients of the natural deodorant that can cause itching and irritation thus make you uncomfortable.
  2. Exfoliating armpit before the transition period should be done by washing it more often to help in the detox process. Since your body is accustomed to using this deodorant you commonly see in the rack display on the supermarket, your body may struggle to the absence of these ingredients so do not wear polyester fabrics on clothes as this may trap the smell on your clothing. Sometimes the odor itself is difficult to remove during washing time.

Lastly, remember that you give your body time for the adjustment. It may take several weeks but the overall results lead to make you use an aluminum-free deodorant.