Most Individuals find the idea of any form of exercise after a C-section surgery procedure inappropriate, most especially if the woman has just finished the surgery operation and she is trying to cope with recovery. Nonetheless, according to a great article from Momming blog about getting toned abs after having a baby, it is very important that some form of exercise be adopted for the recovery process.

The following recommendations are advised as they are based on years of knowledge and experience. These 3 key areas need to be given full attention immediately after the surgical procedure just to a rapid C-section recovery is facilitated and the stomach muscles return to the normal condition they were right before pregnancy.

#1 Burning body fat

The way you may want to lose weight for confidence and vanity reasons, there are many reasons why weight loss is important during the C-section recovery process.

  1. Increase in the amount of fat stored puts more stress on the joints that are obviously weak, owing to the hormones produced during pregnancy
  2. More fat in the body put the heart to more work because every part of the body needs sufficient supply of blood, thus the more the body fat the more your heart has to work.

#2 increased flow of blood to the wound

Just so that the tissues that are damaged around the scar can heal themselves, they would require a constant supply of nutrients. By being active, you make it possible for your heart to pump oxygenated blood that is full of nutrients to the different parts of your body.

#3 Pelvic floor exercises

Your pelvic floor will definitely not be damaged and stretched during a C-section as it would with the conventional vaginal birth, but without a doubt, it has been under some form of pressure due to the weight of the baby, as this can lead to weak muscles. By practicing your pelvic floor exercises, your muscles strength will return to its normal form in a couple of weeks. They can be done anywhere, they are easy to do and they do not consume time.