Even in its unfinished mode, there are a lot of features already incorporated into the game which could be difficult for a new user. The Last Day on Earth Survival Tips could be an awesome place to begin if you’re not certain about anything.

You will spawn on a plot of land that would function as your home base. Primarily it will possess a selection of normal resources – wood, berries, stone, little iron deposits, and a few deer/zombies/wolves. You’ll realize that your water/food are already dropping very quickly, however, don’t stress too much about that for now. Your first target is to stay alive and receive food that will not let you die of hunger. Later you will need to build the floors in the area so that you could be able to place useful buildings like the campfire, small boxes, and melting furnace.

First, grab some stone and wood from the ground and build a hatchet. If you get confronted by a wolf or zombie, don’t panic. You can simply eliminate anything you encounter on the map so swing as much as you like. If you’re hit with a lot of damage, scrounge up a few berries – these will be your main means of healing for the foreseeable future.

Here we are in the year 2027 and the deadly plague virus has swept the planet, turning a large number of human beings into zombies and the rest into ruthless killers. They have also mutated the animals and resources are scarce. You, in the form of a survivor, must make room in your life to continue building the rest of your legacy.

And is that survival in Last Day on Earth is essential if you want to go far in a proposal that has just begun, but for this, you have to make a series of strategies and initial moves to establish a base and make us strong against zombies, others humans or wild animals.

If you want to have it easy, choose the new servers

Although at the moment there are few servers available to play Last Day on Earth , it is recommended that, if you are a new player, go to those that have just been created since in them you will also find people of the same level and you will have easier to settle your base and start building weapons.

Do not leave the base in the first few levels

Although it is attractive to go outside to see what we can find, do not do it at the beginning because you have certain death. There will be wild animals, zombies and other humans wishing to kill the rookies to steal all the objects.

Do not build the home base at first

Building a house in Last Day on Earth requires excessive resources, it is better to focus on taking advantage of the materials to build tools and equipment necessary for the first days. You will have time to make a good base.

Be sure to sprint when still low-leveled

When it’s your turn to go outside because there’s no other choice, run when you see something that moves. You are still too weak to face the dangers from outside. The only thing you could face a certain guarantee is wolves or deer to get food, but do not approach the rest of living beings until you have weapons.

Level up and get more skills

While you are doing actions you will go up the level of the character that will give you a series of advantages. Although to make things easier we tell you how to quickly level up in Last Day on Earth and thus have advantages over others.

Try to watch hunger levels

To satisfy hunger you can eat red berries scattered on the map. Just look at their location, you go up and eat them, and you run back to the base. You can also hunt simple animals like deer or wolves that you can shoot down with a clean punch.

Plan ahead in advanced missions

When you are already more advanced in purpose you will run into delicate moments such as the visit to the Alfa bunker and its password and how to get the demanded radio tower that will give you many future advantages.

With these tips for Last Day on Earth, you will be already a professional of survival in a world that does not understand peace or sanity.