The hoverkart, the newest version of hoverboard accessory from HoverPowered, has helped improved the hoverboard and made it more exciting to use. The hoverkart may just revitalize the dead hoverboard industry. This amazing little kart is being attached to any hoverboard and allows you to sit in a comfortable position and handle the board with intuitive manual controls. This is not the only feature, it has a greater control, can speed at a rate of 12mph, and also has the capability to spin and pop with ease.

The Hoverkart also comes with some distinctive features like a powder coated steel tube structure and a lightweight MIG welded with a high-accurate swivel caster in the front. Also, the handle angles, frame length, and race-inspired seat can be adjusted, making Hoverkart comfortable to use for a wide range of fun-seeking adults and kids. The patent-pending attachment model was designed to fit numerous hoverboard systems and can be attached to the board within a short period.

Due to its exceptional three-wheeled design, the HoverKart can be used on any kinds of different surfaces that would have normally been off-limits for hoverboard users. The manufacturers at HoverPowered say they have confirmed the fact that HoverKart can be used on grass, dirt, and packed sand, as well as asphalt, concrete, and other smooth terrains. The width of the kart is the same as the other attachable parts of the hoverboard, so it can be used in indoor areas just like the hoverboard itself. And since the rear wheels control the steering movement, the turning radius becomes nonexistent, making it easy to pass through tight spaces.

According to Kroymann, they said that due to the overwhelmingly positive reviews they have gotten from the previous users have pushed them to do more in perfecting the design and also boosted their confidence.

The scheduling couldn’t be better. Hoverboards are presently making a comeback due to new UL safety rules and we should be expecting to see an influx of UL licensed boards in markets by the time they start the production of hoverkart.