There are three basic types of barbecue smokers and they include the Offset Smoker, the kettle type of smoker, and the vertical smoker, and. An offset smoker normally comes with two chambers. One is referred as the firebox while the other is known as the smoke chamber. The reason why it is referred as an Offset cooker or Offset Smoker is that they are offset from one another. Endeavour to visit Smokegears for more details about offset cooking.

The firebox forms a part of the apparatus, and that is where the manufacturer built the charcoal or wood fire. There is the flow of smoke and heat from the firebox into the smoke chamber also known as the cooking chamber, and then the smoke flows out from the chimney and around the meat. As the smoke flow around and into the meat, it adds a smoky flavor to the meat, and this helps to cook the meat.

Majority of offset cookers can be visualized as a large drum positioned on the edge, with a hinged cover cut into it and a little smoke stack chimney coming off from the upper layer. That is called the smoke chamber. At the other end of the apparatus and at the bottom layer lower than the smoke chamber is the firebox, which is sometimes a square metal box positioned to the side, but could also be in the form of another metal drum. The firebox has a smaller structure compared to the smoke chamber.

An offset smoker burns wooden materials to generate heat and smoke. The kind of wood to burn depends on the pitmaster’s preference and choice. Many prefer to utilize the whole logs in their smoker, while others would rather burn traditional charcoal, charcoal chunks, wood chunks or even wood pellets.

According to professionals at Smokegears, the secret to the utilization of an offset smoker for quality barbecue is cooking “low and slow”. This implies cooking the food at a low temperature for an extended time. An offset smoker is excellent for this as it only utilizes indirect heat because the meat is kept away from the heat generated in the firebox while the meat is placed inside the cooking chamber.