If you will ever find yourself having to survive in the wilderness, you do want to be ready. If you are the type that loves outdoor activities, being ready for the unexpected when you are in the wild is crucial. A knife is a very handy tool that you can have with you at times like these. So, you should never go to excursions like these unless you have a very handy wilderness survival knife that you can use.

If you are going to start shopping around for such a knife, it helps when you know what to look for there are specific elements that you are going to need to consider to make sure that what you get is something that will prove useful for you when the time comes.

Blade design

If you are going to choose a wilderness survival knife, the blade design is going to matter a lot. This is a very integral factor that will determine whether a nice is going to be useful in the wild or not. There are different types of blade designs. Experienced survivalists often go for those knives that have the drop point this. You might want to look into this specific design when you are out there and trying to shop for one for your needs.

Folding or fixed blade

Most of the people that have had the chance to be in such a survivalist position when in the wild will tell you that the best blade of choice would be the fixed one. It offers stability and ensures that the user is able to gain better control of his movements with the knife. The fact that a folding blade has a tendency to actually fold at the joints makes it less of an ideal option for survival purposes.

Blade edge

Critical to choosing a wilderness survival knife is the design of its cutting edge. You will have to decide whether you would prefer a blade that is going to have a serrated edge or one that has a fine edge. The specific purposes that you would expect to use the knife when you are outdoors may be a good determinant on which of these blade types would work best for you and for your needs.

Blade length

You will have to decide on how long you would prefer the knife to be. Too short and it is going to be useless when in the wild. Too long and it is going to be a little too cumbersome for you to carry around. Most experts in wilderness survival would tell you that the best knives should be around five to 12 inches long. Anything that will be beyond that is going to be way too long.

Blade materials

What the blade is made of should be looked into as well. Go for those with higher carbon content. They tend to hold the sharpness of the edges better. They tend to be less susceptible to corrosion too.

Always remember that the right wilderness survival knife will not come cheap. But considering that they are expected to be useful for you for years to come, they will definitely be worth their price.