Executive Condominiums are filled with all the major amenities of your entertainment and requirement. Rivercove residences EC is an awesome choice if you would like to have a property in the Asian nation of Singapore. Most thrilling and impressive thing about the Executive Condominiums happens to be that they are economical, spacious, and are filled with interesting characteristics. Get a well-furnished Executive condominium and be serenaded with luxury at an affordable cost.

These EC’s is made up of the clubhouse, playground, swimming pools and many other amenities that prompts them to be desirable and a worthy investment option!

Here are the benefits of buying an EC;

Property Owner

Become the owner of a properly furnished EC in the Asian nation of Singapore and relax in a luxurious scenery. If a property happens to be above your budget, then you could opt for an Executive Condominium because you will receive top options in your financial plans including all the amenities!

Profitable Investment

Investing in property normally leads to various benefits! Buying into an EC has a lot of profits. Firstly you will own a luxurious property at affordable costs; secondly, you will take advantage of all the luxuries, and the many other benefits and so on. Be the owner of an Executive Condominium since they are not too costly, luxurious, and furnished.

Here are some of the top benefits of buying an executive condo like rivercove residences ec:

  1. Trends

Recently executive condominiums (ECs) have been among the country’s top-selling projects. For example, over half of the top 10 selling projects in April 2016 were in fact ECs. This shows there’s a strong supply and demand for the units. This isn’t to say that you should simply follow the latest real estate trend.

However, it’s clear that the current trend in Singapore real estate market is toward ECs. That’s why it’s an excellent option if you’re interested in making a good investment. It’s an important issue to consider if you want to get the best value for your purchase. When picking real estate there’s many options. However, it’s critical to consider issues like current trends related to supply/demand. There’s no doubt that EC demand will remain strong in the near future.

  1. Sandwich Class

ECs are an excellent option for the so-called sandwich class. The homes are a blend between public/private housing. What exactly is the sandwich class? This includes people whose incomes are higher than the public housing ceiling, but aren’t high enough to purchase private property.

As a result, the criteria for buying ECs are set so this particular income group can afford the units. It’s a great feature because it combines the best of both worlds. There’s pros and cons of both public and private housing so if you’re looking for something in the mushy middle you should consider executive condos.

Like the case of public housing applicants for ECs must create a family nucleus or team up with other single buyers if they 35+ years old. Another requirement is they must not go past the household income ceiling of $14,000 USD. The only people who can buy Ec units include Singapore permanent residents and couples. In addition, buyers must complete a 5-year minimum occupation period (MOP) prior to renting or our selling their EC unit.

While ECs have these restrictions they’re available with a complete list of condo facilities. The design is also generally like private properties including condos. These are important issues because it means the condo will be similar in structure to private condos but provide more purchasing flexibility like public housing.

  1. Demand

Speaking of which. It’s interesting that the top EC seller in March 2016 sold around 50% of its units during launch weekend. Launched condos are also seeing an uptick in buyers. That included about 8 units sold in March/April. There’s other projects that are almost finished, which have also sold nearly all of its units.

These are all signs that there’s a strong demand for ECs currently. It’s unknown if the trend will continue. However, it’s likely due to the strong sales in recent years. This is one of the top reasons why you should consider investing in ECs over other options. As always it’s important to do your homework so you’ll know the pros and cons involved with buying ECs.

  1. Buyers

ECs cater to two main kinds of buyers. They include first-time buyers who are marrying while in their early 30s. The other popular group is upgraders also second-timers or upgraders. This is mostly families with kids who want to move to private housing.