As a result of the EU integration for Eastern European countries like Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, and Romania, Most of the large companies in the western part of Europe, as well as Canada and the United States, have their attention focused on this part of Europe in search for software development Romania companies, that is capable of offering cheaper and reliable web designing and programming services.

Amongst these countries fore mentioned, most of the market share is helping up by Romania; this is a country with an ugly past. Right after the communist period, the industry has boomed in several sectors, including the Information Technology (IT) sector, where most talented young adults have dedicated all their effort. This has recently created some form of competition for Former Asian outsourcing geographic locations, and most recently the situation is in favor of the Romanian IT companies.

The software development Romania outsourcing industry is continuously evolving, Romania is quite renowned for its proficient labor skills and high level of education. They are most especially gifted in their language skills, due to the nature of their language having Latin roots, thus allowing a wide-range of accents to be easily and effectively learned. An average Young Romanian student has the knowledge of at least two different foreign languages at his or her disposal, for instance, French and English. Spanish, German and other European language are somewhat common among Romanian universities and schools, thus most foreign companies have their call center established in Romania.

IT and ICT trading have become an integral part of the Romania’s economy that involves about 2,000 individuals. About three years ago, the outsourcing for IT services bagged nearly $300 million; estimated by the Romanian Association for Electronic and Software Industries. The Outsourcing flow is centered majorly on mechanical engineering, embedded software development, security, and R&D outsourcing. Softwin, a Romanian company, created the popular antivirus tool called BitDefender. In 2003 an intellectual property right was acquired by Microsoft over the RAV Antivirus from GeCad, thus showing a never ending interest of Western companies in local Romanian It businesses.