It doesn’t matter what size your dog is, they could always use a good sunshine and some fresh air whenever they want it. But it isn’t really that great of an idea if you just let them off from the leash and free them up in the garden. You don’t want to imagine the scenario of your pet dog destroying every part of your garden or worse, going far away from your home. It is even more a challenge if you own a big dog. The solution to this is by owning outdoor kennels for big dogs.

It doesn’t matter whether or not your garden is already escape proof from dogs, giving them their own space outdoors will give them an area where they can relax after running around. Below are different types of outdoor kennels for dogs. One of them may give you an idea and work on it as soon as you see its importance.


The portable outdoor dog kennels are the quick yet temporary shelter for your dog in your garden or when you want to take your dog with you during your holiday. Portable kennels are not recommended as a dog house for your beloved pooch for long periods of time. Some of the portable kennels come with hinges attached on them so that it will be easy to fold them and at the same time setting them up. Others are made out of metal wherein all you need is just fix all parts together. Most of these temporary dog kennels do not have roofs with them. But when they do, they are not as good as the ones that are found in permanent outdoor kennels. Some of the portable models provide the option of attaching another kennel in order to make the kennel look bigger. Cleaning the portable kennel is usually very easy since the floor could either be made out of plastic or metal.

Permanent outdoor kennels

The permanent outdoor kennels for big dogs are used for either one of these reasons: place them inside when you are out for a while or house them in in order for them to relax. Most of these permanent outdoor kennels need actual constructions and that they are made of various materials, usually of higher quality since the owner has the option to do so. Many of these kennels are so big that they are constructed with a room for every dog. Sometimes it has its own storage areas, too. Just imagine your home having another home, but your neighbours are your dogs.

Most of the outdoor kennels for big dogs are built to keep and protect your dog against extreme weather conditions such as heavy rains and snow. It also is constructed with the needed insulation in order to keep them warm during the cold season. Unlike the portable kennels, permanent kennels can be difficult to clean and the more it will be so when the design of the interior is a complex one.